San Valentino Menu

Cape santé: £9.95

Pan fried scallops wrapped with pancetta, garden peas pure

Pasticcini new bettola: £9.95

A trio of puff pastry topped with, smoked salmon, baby prawns, air dried beef and soft cheese 

Vegetali grigliati: £9.95 

Beetroot, Grilled vegetables, and burrata cheese


Linguine all’astice: £19.95

Spaghetti with half lobster, baby prawns, cherry tomato, white wine, garlic & chilli

Pollo New Bettola £17.95

Pan-fried chicken breast with cream, bacon, onions and parsley sauce served with rosemary potatoes 

Bisteca: £ 25.95

Grilled rib eye steak served with mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese sauce with new potatoes

Sweetened up with £ 5.75

To chose from- Forest fruit panna cotta- strawberry tiramisu

Please inform the staff of any allergies as some dishes may contain nuts